Presidential speech: Obama’s lesson to the European leaders.

Barack Obama’s speech of this afternoon at the Beaux-Arts in Brussels has captivated the audience. During more than 30 minutes, the American President shared his vision of EU-US relations, remembering the historical bonds between the two blocs and underlining the importance of cooperation in facing the Ukrainian crisis.

Sure this geopolitical part was expected. But it was not the most noticeable aspect of the speech. In his opening, Obama let the man behind the President appear. He delivered a truly humanistic speech, calling to the dignity, the values and fundamental principles of Europe, over which the USA have been build. By mentioning the furious resistance of the European people towards the invaders during the two World Wars, Barack Obama reminded the importance of being human, in the noble sense of the world.

The President spoke with his heart, calling for solidarity with Ukrainian people. This warmth that he shared when remembering the importance of mutual assistance and support gave his speech a flavor that most European leaders seem incapable of. When was the last time they expressed themselves with such passion and enthusiasm? Calling for solidarity as a support to political measures has nothing to do with reminding what makes us Humans. The capacity to the worse, yes, but also to the best. Today Barack Obama tried to tickle the part of Good inside us, calling in our collective memory and the part of responsibility of everyone in our world’s evolution. Who, among the European leaders and Brussels’ technocrats, can say the same? As the May election approaches, a lot of them should use this example to address the population.

Stop seeing us as voters and start seeing us as Humans. Humans with their hopes, theirs doubts, their dreams, their joys, their past and their pains. We’re more than a sum of voters, we’re human beings. Rationally explaining how a legislation would be good for us is a nice thing. Address the part of humanity in us is better. Simply said, speak to us from human to human. Not from leader to voter. Speeches spoken from the heart, vibrating of this collective conscience that forged the history of mankind since the beginning, will always be more efficient and striking than any high-pitched technical presentation. Enough of these aseptic speeches, devoid of flavor and color, delivered by automatized tuxedos. Let’s bring back Human in our relations. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up taking a leap forward in our evolution. A leap towards something else than cash drawers in our hearts and calculators in our brains. That wouldn’t be a bad prospect…


2 réflexions au sujet de « Presidential speech: Obama’s lesson to the European leaders. »

  1. emilyyousfi Auteur de l’article

    Thank you Jason. Indeed this humanity is lacking more and more in relations between elected leaders and citizens. Except when it comes to showing solidarity toward nations in crisis, such as Ukraine…It is sad that we need bad events to hear those callings…What about the daily life?

  2. jasonlknoll

    I really like what you said about leaders treating citizens as humans, not just voters. If our elected officials and policymakers based decisions on more morals/values and less on interests and incentives, then we might begin regaining our humanity.


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